Moksha wireless communication Pvt Ltd.

Moksha wireless communication Pvt Ltd.

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Plot # 40, Surendra Nagar, Nagpur MS India, Nagpur, India - 440015

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About Moksha wireless communication Pvt Ltd. in Plot # 40, Surendra Nagar, Nagpur MS India, Nagpur

Virtual Globalization. Expanding companies at the push of a button.
At Moksha, our goal is to take companies and expand them around the world faster than anyone has ever done before. With a global partner network spanning over 70 countries, and the latest in telecommunications technology, we look to take small companies with strong domestic presence, and make them a global success overnight.

Relying on the strength of our management team, and the years of global experience that has been placed into this company, Moksha seeks to chart a new path in advisory services, pioneering business for the leaders of tomorrow. Moksha has learned that there are two keys to making money in the marketplace: commitment and diversification. Diversification is the key to maintaining stable growth, and commitment gives us the necessary patience to actualize that growth.

In addition to its advisory services, the development team for Moksha., will focus on different companies in various sectors of the marketplace. Our organization does not seek to be an all-powerful, controlling, and overbearing parent organization; in fact, its quite the opposite. Moksha seeks to delegate all of the decision-making capabilities to the managers of its potential subsidiary and affiliate projects. The management will mainly attend to capital allocation and the advisement of key managers. When given the proper guidance, the companies can run themselves. This puts them in charge of all operations. Additionally, it allows Moksha to maintain its lean size and its speed and agility when dealing with corporate matters.

Under this system, the managers of our potential subsidiaries and future affiliates wont be burdened with the myriad of pitfalls that would come their way if they were responsible for deploying the cash their businesses throw off. Additionally, through the combined 100+ years of global expertise of the Moksha, we are aware of a wider spectrum of opportunities than one person alone would be able to obtain.

Once a subsidiary or affiliate project is guided to a successful and profitable stage, and has reached defined targets, Moksha, may option a buyout or revenue share.

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