Golden Flame Solutions

Golden Flame Solutions

9 0 Solar Energy Service

9901738158 [email protected]

#B30, 2nd floor,yeshwanthpur, Bangalore, India - 560022

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About Golden Flame Solutions in #B30, 2nd floor,yeshwanthpur, Bangalore

Enertech burners are high-technology equipment – reliable, efficient and with a steadily reduced environmental impact.

All burners are built to meet the highest requirements and comply with, or exceed, European Emission Standards, as well as those of many other countries. Control systems and safety devices cover oil, gas and dual-fuel versions from domestic to large industrial and process applications.

Today the company name is Enertech AB. We are working in the burner division, Bentone, of Enertech AB. The owner of Enertech AB is Enertech Ltd in the UK. The head office and production plant of Bentone are located in Ljungby in the south of Sweden. Today we are about 360 people employed in Ljungby and we have a turnover of about 66million Euros.

Our burners are sold to more than 55 markets all over the world. 95 % of our volume is being exported.

Today we are offering a modern range of light oil and gas burners in the capacity range between 15 kW and 2500 kW.

Our products are designed to suit most of the boilers available on the market. The Bentone burners are also suited to be used in different industrial applications.Our burners are well known all over the world for its reliability, efficiency and performance. As leader in our line of business we put a lot of efforts in the developing of new products that meets more stringent demands.

This effort is an ongoing process. All our burners carry the CE-mark and are manufactured in accordance with the safety standards EN 267 and EN 676. Bentone is ISO certified.

Through the years our network of agents has expanded significantly. Today you will find our representatives on more than 55 markets all over the world. Primary our products are marketed through our agents. Besides this Bentone is also a major supplier to different OEM:s. One important strength when delivering to OEM:s is the availability of service and spare parts on many markets, which is exactly what Bentone and our agents can offer.

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