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About Lifetrenz in MSR Plaza, #51-52, Off MSR Road, Gokula, Bangalore

We are an organization of Healthcare Domain Experts with a collective experience of more than 1000 Man years in the areas of Healthcare IT Software Development with expertise in Cloud Engineering, Big Data & Analytics and Mobility solutions. We operate with dedicated focus on EHR Technology Framework and have experience in developing and deploying Healthcare IT products in highly competitive International Markets. We developed a Cloud based Ambulatory EHR Solution for Primary Care and a complete Inpatient EHR solution for Hospitals, for the US Healthcare industry, which received “Meaningful Use (MU)” Stages 1 & 2 Certification.

Lifetrenz HIS and EHR Solutions are based on Standards as per Indian and International Standards Lifetrenz products are built on modern technology comply with International and Indian EHR (Electronic Health Records) standards. We are an innovative company finding success and satisfaction in being able to work closely with our clients in areas that are critical to their success. We strive to support our customers with best practices in Healthcare Management through our domain & technology expertise and mature Healthcare IT Software Solutions. Lifetrenz solutions focus on customer delight. We are very nimble footed when it comes to speed of implementation and we take great pride in being a thinking organization. We see each engagement as an opportunity to collaborate with our clients and ensure maximum return on their investment.

Lifetrenz is a team of domain experts, trained physicians, technology evangelists and business managers. Every team member has made their mark in the chosen area of work and do wear many feathers on their hat. The promoters have over 100 years of experience in Engineering, Healthcare Practice, Healthcare IT and Business amongst them. This dream team has matured as a coherent institution over the past few years spent in pioneering the concept and developing the Lifetrenz platform. Lifetrenz team is engaged in a single minded pursuit of bringing high levels of IT enablement into the Healthcare industry at costs that even small rural providers can afford. For the team, the company's Vision is an end in itself and not a means to achieve anything personally. In that every team member pledges to risk whatever they have done so far in life towards furthering that cause. Our leadership team members not only provide strategic oversight and motivation, they also contribute to the collective good of the company and the industry by collaborating with government and industry bodies and industry peers to improve Healthcare policies.

In the past few years we have already got many Multi-speciality hospitals and chain of hospitals, who are using Lifetrenz HIS and EHR solutions. We offer both Cloud or On Premise Solutions based on our customer’s needs.

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